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Woodshed Studio is a professional recording, mixing and mastering studio located in the countryside near Landshut, Germany. Even though it is a very quiet and peaceful place (literally in the middle of nowhere), you have good connections to the next motorways and to the Munich International Airport (only 30 minutes by car).

“Woodshedding” is a term to describe the process of locking oneself away with a musical instrument and practice like a maniac until the player has improved greatly and acquired admirable skills. Therefore, the concept behind “Woodshed Studio” is to offer you - as musician or band - the opportunity to lock yourself away for a while at a quiet and cozy place - to focus completely on your art and playing.  When you come back from that place, you have created something truly outstanding.

Woodshed Studio is run by Victor Bullok, also known as V. Santura, guitar player of bands like Triptykon, Dark Fortress and Noneuclid.